April 16, 2020

Severe decay, repeated dental work, and trauma can irritate or infect the dental pulp inside your tooth. This can cause extreme sensitivity, persistent pain, and gum swelling. If left untreated the pain can worsen and the infection can spread to other areas of your mouth, face, and neck, compromising your overall health. The only way to stop the infection from spreading and to alleviate your pain is to go to an endodontist Richmond VA for a root canal or endodontic treatment. Here’s everything you need to know about endodontic treatment.


What is Endodontic Treatment?

About Dental Pulp

Your tooth contains a soft tissue called the dental pulp. This pulp can become infected or irritated as a result of extreme decay, trauma, or repeated dental work. If left untreated it can cause pain, extreme sensitivity, and even the development of an abscess. When this occurs, it’s important to see an endodontist immediately for an endodontic or root canal treatment.

About Root Canal Treatment

An endodontic or root canal treatment can take about one or two visits to complete, depending on the complexity of the case. The process begins with examining your tooth, which includes x-rays. Then, your endodontist will diagnose and present you with a treatment plan. To start the procedure, your endodontist will administer a local anesthetic to the areas surrounding your infected tooth.

Then, your tooth will be isolated using a rubber dam to prevent fluids and debris from entering your throat. Once the set up is done, your endodontist will start taking out the damaged or infected pulp inside your tooth. Once it’s been removed, the insides of your tooth will be cleaned and filled to seal your tooth. This helps protect your tooth from any microbial invasion in the future.


Looking for an Endodontist in Richmond, VA?

An endodontic treatment aims to save your tooth from extraction and restores its strength and aesthetics so that your natural tooth is preserved. Choosing to save your tooth will allow you to save thousands of dollars on a tooth replacement. At Commonwealth Endodontics, our experienced endodontist in Richmond, VA will provide you with a pleasant experience. Contact us for inquiries!