A satisfied patient gives a thumbs up sign after an endodontic microsurgery in Mechanicsville
November 8, 2021

Do you have a cracked tooth that’s been causing you nothing but trouble for years? You’ll want to know more about endodontic microsurgery in Mechanicsville or apicoectomy. This dental procedure can help keep your teeth in excellent shape for years to come.

Be glad to know that endodontic microsurgery has a success rate of up to 91%. What’s more, a skilled and experienced endodontist can make this procedure surprisingly quick and comfortable for you.

How Does an Endodontic Microsurgery Work?


The endodontist will require imaging of your decaying or infected tooth to check for fractures and other damages to the root canal. X-rays or cone beam-computed tomography (CBCT) scans are the most common imaging techniques for diagnosing teeth that need surgery. These will provide the endodontist with a three-dimensional view of the affected area.

Surgical Technique

If you require endodontic microsurgery, your dentist will talk to you about the procedure and how you can prepare for your upcoming appointment. They may hand you a pre-surgery checklist of what you shouldn’t do before the surgery.

When you arrive for your surgical procedure, your endodontist will have anesthesia applied to the area receiving dental work. Next, they’ll make a small incision to open the gum tissue right below your troublesome tooth. When the underlying bone is exposed, they’ll use a special microscope and advanced equipment to get rid of the infected pulp tissue along with the tip of the root canal.

After completing this process, the endodontist cleans the end of the root canal before sealing it with a bit of filling to prevent reinfection. Next, they’ll stitch up the gum tissue to make sure that it heals properly. The bone will naturally heal around the end of the root, and the tooth’s full function will be restored in the next few months.

After the Surgical Procedure

In most cases, patients who undergo an endodontic microsurgery return to their normal activities the next day. However, it’s important to note that the outcome of your surgery largely depends on how well you follow your endodontist’s after-surgery care instructions.

Do You Need Endodontic Microsurgery in Mechanicsville?

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