woman touching her face because of toothache needing a root canal therapy in 23233
September 4, 2021

When are you able to need if you need a dental filling or a root canal? Along with knowing what treatment you need; it is also important to know when you should get them. It may not be easy to identify the right treatments on your own, especially if the symptoms you feel are very common. To help you out a bit, here are a few signs that will tell you to get root canal therapy in 23233 in an instant. 

How to Know If You Need a Root Canal

Severe Pain

Any pain you feel in your mouth is unpleasant and should be mentioned to your dentist. If you feel spontaneous pain that hits you like a wave, it is more likely that you have an infected or dead tooth that needs a root canal. Also, if there are certain positions when you lay down that your gums hurt, then it might also be a root canal.  

Chipped or Cracked Tooth

Your chipped or cracked tooth is a two-fold sign that you might need a root canal. Your teeth may crack or chip by eating hard foods, being involved in contact sports, or when your previous dental procedures go awry. As your teeth crack or chip, your nerves get exposed to and can lead to infection. This infection in your tooth’s root can enter your bloodstream and spread, thus requiring a root canal if not treated immediately. 

Sensitivity to Heat and Cold

Another common sign you shouldn’t overlook is tooth sensitivity. If your tooth aches when your intake hot drinks such as coffee or tea, then you are in trouble. It can start as a dull ache but can then progress to sharp, intense pain. Your dentist may conclude a need for a root canal to have this issue fixed. 

Do You Need Root Canal Therapy in 23233? 

Ignoring the signs that you need to seek dental assistance will never do you good. However, there is no need to worry for Commonwealth Endodontics is here to save our teeth. With our skilled dental professionals, we take pride in our root canal treatment. Get your teeth treated now by requesting an appointment here!