A woman with a toothache who needs to see an expert in Richmond endodontics
November 1, 2021

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that poor dental hygiene leads to tooth decay, tooth pain, and other oral health issues. Without good oral health habits, plaque can quickly cause cavities to develop until they affect the nerves and blood vessels inside the tooth’s pulp. If you’re dealing with a tooth pulp disease, you’ll want to schedule an appointment with a dental professional who specializes in Richmond endodontics.


What Are the Different Types of Tooth Pulp Diseases?

Reversible Pulpitis

This condition refers to the mild inflammation of the tooth pulp when you crack or break a tooth. Those who suffer from reversible pulpitis experience tooth pain each time they eat or drink anything very sweet, hot, or cold.

If left untreated, this condition can progress to a collection of bacteria and pus called a dental abscess. Although improving your oral habits can offset reversible pulpitis, you’ll eventually need a filling.

Irreversible Pulpitis

This incurable condition involves severe inflammation of the tooth pulp that causes sudden and intense pain. Without treatment, irreversible pulpitis can lead to a widespread gum and connective tissue infection. Endodontists usually treat this disease with a root canal procedure.

Dental Pulp Stones

Also known as dental pulp calcification, this condition involves the calcification, or hardening, of the pulp tissue. This disease typically results in extreme pain and hypersensitivity due to the compression of the dental nerves. Endodontists clear away the hardened tissue via a root canal treatment.

Dental Pulp Exposure

Dental pulp exposure occurs when the external covering of a tooth is considerably damaged. You’ll experience intense pain if a crack or a cavity in your tooth exposes the pulp to food debris and bacteria.

Your endodontist may recommend a filling or a root canal procedure to prevent the infection from progressing into a dental abscess.

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