a smiling patient visiting a sedation dentist in Short Pump
October 25, 2021

Although not everyone is excited to see the dentist, most people can tolerate the procedures they need to keep their teeth and gums healthy. However, those who struggle with physical conditions or dental anxiety often end up skipping their appointments. If this strikes a chord with you, a sedation dentist in Short Pump can help you stay calm, relaxed, and comfortable while you’re getting some dental work done.

Signs That Dental Sedation May Be the Right Choice for You

You Feel Extremely Anxious When You Visit the Dentist

Did you know that around 15% of Americans don’t get the dental care they need because they’re too nervous to see the dentist? Unfortunately, this can lead to larger and more expensive oral health problems down the road.

If your body tenses up at the thought of sitting in a dentist’s chair, you’d make a good candidate for nitrous oxide or IV sedation. Besides helping you stay relaxed and at ease, both methods are safe under the supervision of a trusted dental care provider.

Any Kind of Dental Work Makes You Feel Uncomfortable

Do you have sensitive oral nerves, traumatic dental experiences in the past, a strong gag reflex, difficulty sitting still for long periods, resistance to local anesthesia, or dental anxiety? Dental sedation can help ease your senses and make your dental appointment a breeze.

The Smells and Sounds of the Dentist’s Office Bother You

Although you may not be anxious about seeing your dentist, the smell of gloves and the sound of dental drills may make you feel extremely uncomfortable. While these are unavoidable in a dentist’s office, sedation dentistry can make it possible for you to overcome your sensitivities and enjoy a pleasant experience while you’re getting the treatment you need.

Do You Need to See a Sedation Dentist in Short Pump?

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