close up image of gums being ready for a root canal in Mechanicsville
November 19, 2021

If you’re like most people, you probably go see your dentist for routine checkups without thinking much of the run-of-the-mill procedure. However, when you suffer an injury to your teeth or gums that may require root canal treatment in Mechanicsville, you’ll want to see a qualified endodontist.   

What Are the Common Types of Dental Trauma?


A concussion occurs when the gum tissues that hold a tooth in place are damaged. Although the concussed tooth isn’t loose or out of place, it’s typically tender when touched or tapped. Moreover, mild swelling and slight bleeding may occur in the tooth’s surrounding area. 


subluxated tooth is loose because of its weakening supporting structures. However, it hasn’t moved out of its socket, and the alveolar bone isn’t fractured. Like a concussed tooth, the subluxated tooth is sore, sensitive to the touch, and has slight bleeding around the gum line. 

Extrusive Luxation

An extrusive luxation or extrusion refers to a very loose tooth and appears more prolonged than usual due to severe trauma. The bony socket is still intact despite the tooth’s increased mobility because of a partial separation of the periodontal ligament. 

Lateral Luxation

A lateral luxation occurs when the alveolar bone that holds the teeth becomes fractured, and the periodontal ligament is partially or entirely lacerated. Although the tooth isn’t loose, it looks like it’s forward or backward in your gum line. 


In this type of luxation, the tooth is displaced into or toward the alveolar bone. Furthermore, the alveolar bone is fractured, the periodontal ligament is torn off, and the nerve connections in the pulp are crushed. In some cases, the tooth may even penetrate the nasal cavity. 

Do You Need Root Canal Treatment in Mechanicsville?

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