Richmond Sedation Endodontist Performs Endodontic Treatment
March 21, 2022

Does your anxiety prevent you from receiving the dental care you need and deserve? You may be a good candidate for dental sedation. Your Richmond sedation endodontist is more than ready to discuss different options for sedation dentistry.

What Are the Different Types of Sedation Dentistry?

Inhalation Sedation

Inhalation sedation is ideal for patients with mild to moderate levels of dental anxiety. The endodontist administers a mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide during your dental treatment via a small inhaler mask placed over your nose.

Moreover, they’ll instruct you to normally breathe in the odorless and colorless gas during dental treatment. You’ll immediately feel the sedative’s relaxing effects while your endodontist performs the procedure. Since nitrous oxide is a low-impact sedative, its effects wear off within minutes after you stop inhaling the gas.

Oral Conscious Sedation

If you fear needles, oral conscious sedation may be the best choice for you because it doesn’t require injections. Your endodontist will ask you to take a prescribed dose of sedative in the form of a pill before your procedure.

Although this type of dental sedation will leave you awake during your treatment, you won’t remember much of the procedure afterward. However, oral conscious sedation may make you feel drowsy enough to fall asleep. For this reason, you may need to have someone drive you to and from the endodontist’s office.

IV Sedation

IV sedation dentistry involves the insertion of an IV line into a vein in your hand or arm. This IV line will give you a steady flow of medication while your endodontist works on your teeth. Moreover, the dental team will monitor your vital signs closely and adjust the infusion as necessary.

You’ll feel extremely relaxed and comfortable during treatment, barely aware of your surroundings. Since the effects of IV sedation take longer to wear away, it’s best to ask a family member or friend to drive you home.

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