Woman checking for Cracked Tooth in Richmond
March 6, 2023

Taking a fall, biting down too hard, grinding teeth during sleep, or sustaining a blow to the face during sports are some of the many ways to crack a tooth. While not every cracked tooth in Richmond requires emergency dental treatment, you’ll want to understand the signs that may indicate the need to seek immediate care.

Signs Your Cracked Tooth Requires Emergency Dental Treatment

Pain That Doesn’t Go Away

Bacteria can enter and infect a dental pulp through a crack in the tooth. Persistent and intolerable pain could indicate inflammation and infection occurring inside the pulp.  

Sometimes, a pocket of pus may develop at the tooth’s root tip, causing even more severe pain. If the crack is severe, it may affect the tooth’s structural integrity and cause it to become loose or fractured. Besides causing discomfort, a severely cracked tooth can make eating or speaking difficult.  

Consequently, it’s best to receive emergency tooth repair if a chipped or broken tooth is causing an aching pain that lasts for an extended period. The sooner you get to a dental professional, the more quickly they can treat your tooth and ease your pain. 


Bleeding may result from a severe crack causing damage to the gums or deeper tooth layers. Sometimes, a cracked tooth may bleed when it’s loose or completely knocked out. You may lose the tooth and suffer long-term oral health issues without prompt dental assistance. 

Sensitivity to Hot or Cold

A cracked tooth is usually sensitive to hot or cold sensations when the crack exposes the tooth’s nerves in the roots. Although limiting your intake of hot or cold foods and drinks helps manage mild tooth sensitivity, a severe sensation may indicate a problem that requires emergency dental care.   

Do You Have a Cracked Tooth in Richmond?

At Commonwealth Endodontics, we’re committed to providing exceptional endodontic care using state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge technology in a safe and comfortable environment. If you have a cracked tooth and need emergency treatment, contact us today to make an appointment.