Where Should You Have Endodontic Microsurgery Mechanicsville?
May 5, 2020

Endodontic microsurgery Mechanicsville is a treatment performed on patients suffering from an infected tooth. Over the years, endodontic procedures have progressed. Thanks to special microsurgical instruments and state-of-the-art operating microscopes, endodontists can treat patients with precision, which helps reduce recovery time and post-surgical trauma. If you’re in need of endodontic microsurgery, here’s what you can expect after surgery.

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What to Expect After Undergoing an Endodontic Microsurgery?


Expect to experience some swelling in your mouth for 2-3 days after your endodontic microsurgery. To manage the swelling, you can apply an ice pack on the side of your face where surgery was performed. Additionally, use it for 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off. You can continue doing this for the next 36 hours.


It’s normal to experience a bit of pain after any surgical procedure. To ease your pain and discomfort, you can take the pain medication prescribed by your endodontist. If the pain or swelling persists even after three days, then consult with your endodontist further.

Discoloration or Bruising

After surgery, you may experience bruising or discoloration of the skin. This is normal and may occur for two to three days after surgery. Applying moist heat to the area can help get rid of the discoloration faster.

Some Bleeding

Patients may also experience some bleeding for 24-48 hours after surgery. Keep in mind that this bleeding is composed of 85% saliva and 15% blood, so there’s nothing to worry about. To care for this, place a gauze over the area and bite on it. Replace the gauze as needed.

What is postop care with endodontic miscrosurgery mechanicsville?

Where Should You Have Endodontic Microsurgery Mechanicsville?

Bleeding, swelling, pain, and bruising are normal after undergoing an endodontic microsurgery Mechanicsville. Just follow your endodontist’s post-op instructions to guarantee optimal healing and to avoid any complications. At Commonwealth Endodontics, we specialize in performing endodontic procedures, including endodontic microsurgery, that aims to save your smile! Contact us to request an appointment!