who is the best endodontics 23113?
August 5, 2020

An expert in endodontics 23113 will tell you that you need to undergo a root canal therapy when the decay has already penetrated your tooth’s pulp and root. This procedure aims to clean out the decay thoroughly. Not sure if you need a root canal? Check out these signs.

Signs You Need a Root Canal Treatment

Tooth Pain

Most teeth that need to be addressed by a root canal treatment do cause much pain. In most cases, the pain is characterized by a throbbing rhythm that closely resembles a heartbeat. Although tooth pain can be felt only when the person is brushing or chewing, the pain can sometimes be continuous.


Another sign of an impending root canal treatment would be dental swelling characterized by a tender spot that’s slightly raised on the patient’s gumline. The swelling to be barely noticeable, or it could also be so severe that it could also affect the patient’s entire face and neck. 

Furthermore, the swollen area may also drain some fluid. Although it’s possible for the swelling to go away independently, the dentist may prescribe some antibiotics to stop the infection. 

Tooth Sensitivity

If you experience severe discomfort or pain each time you consume hot or cold foods or drinks, you’re suffering from dentin hypersensitivity. This is another hallmark sign of a tooth that needs a root canal treatment. 

Tooth Discoloration

When the pulp of a tooth suffers an infection, it could cause tooth discoloration. The affected tooth would eventually turn graying-black in appearance when its internal tissue and its roots, become damaged. Although other factors may cause teeth to discolor, it’s always wise to consult your dentist.

See an Expert in Endodontics 23113!

The best way to know for sure if you’re in dire need of a root canal is by seeing an expert in endodontics. Contact Commonwealth Endodontics to schedule your appointment.