What is a root canal endodontist 23226
April 29, 2020

An endodontist 23226 is a pro when it comes to diagnosing toothaches and performing root canal procedures. Their main goal is to save a badly decayed or infected tooth and preserve their natural tooth structure, so they don’t need to be extracted and patients can keep their natural tooth for longer. Endodontic treatments can involve microsurgery, so it’s best to only trust an expert when it comes to these procedures.


Why Should I Choose an Endodontist to Perform my Root Canal Treatment?

Experts at Performing Endodontic Treatments

Endodontists have an additional two years of training to hone their skills and expertise when it comes to performing endodontic procedures. Plus, they have the same training as dental surgeons do.

Highly Experienced

Endodontists are specialists. This means they perform several endodontic procedures a week, including root canals, while general dentists perform root canals much less on average.

Equipped with the Right Tools and Machinery

Endodontists are equipped with the latest tools, advanced dental technology, and machinery that will help minimize discomfort during the procedure and reduce recovery time.

Endodontists Know How to Relax Anxious Patients

A lot of patients can feel anxious at the thought of undergoing root canal treatment. That’s why endodontists are practiced in how to relax and ease patients who feel nervous about the procedure.


Do You Need an Endodontist 23226?

You can consult with an endodontist in 23226 today to clear a tooth infection and save your smile! At Commonwealth Endodontics, our team has the experience and knowledge to handle your case of dental infection and tooth decay. Contact us to make an appointment!