what is an endodontist 23233?
May 19, 2020

If you’re suffering from a severely worn-down, cracked, or badly decayed tooth, then you may need a root canal treatment to save your smile. A root canal treatment is performed by an endodontist 23233 to guarantee success. It’s a minimally invasive procedure that aims to get rid of your diseased or infected pulp by cleaning the insides of your tooth, and then sealing it to prevent future microbial invasion. If your endodontist recommends you undergo a root canal and you need answers, here are the four commonly questions asked about the treatment:


What Common Questions are Asked About Root Canal Treatment?

Is a Root Canal Treatment Painful?

Root canal, when performed correctly, will relieve you from the pain caused by damaged or infected nerve tissue. A root canal involves getting rid of these damaged nerve tissues, so rest assured that you’ll feel so much better after the procedure. Endodontists 23233 are experts when it comes to tooth pain management, and most cases can be handled quickly and comfortably.

How Many Dental Visits Will it Take Complete a Root Canal Treatment?

Thanks to the advancement of technology in endodontics, most root canal treatments can be completed in one visit. But for extreme and complex cases, it may take two visits to complete treatment.

Is it Better if I Just Have My Tooth Pulled Out?

Living with a missing tooth or a couple of teeth can be difficult. It can make simple yet essential tasks, such as eating and speaking, almost impossible to do correctly and comfortably. Root canal treatment aims to save your tooth so that you can use it for longer. This will also allow you to save on tooth replacements and keep your natural smile! So, it’s better to save your tooth!

What Can Happen if I Don’t Get a Root Canal Treatment?

If your infected tooth remains untreated, the infection will spread to other areas of your mouth and face, compromising your neighboring teeth and your overall health.


Looking for an Endodontist 23233?

You may also have these questions in mind about the root canal. Now that you have the answers don’t hesitate to undergo one if you need it! At Commonwealth Endodontics, our endodontist 23233 will guarantee that your root canal procedure is a success and a pleasant experience. Contact us for inquiries!