woman before Root Canal Midlothian
June 21, 2021

Biting into something unexpected can cause you to easily crack a tooth. If the crack extends into the pulp, your endodontist may recommend a root canal procedure in Midlothian. Unless you’re willing to run the risk of cracking a tooth, it’s best to avoid certain foods that can potentially cause some serious tooth damage.

What Are the Foods that Can Crack Your Teeth?


Do you love hard candies? Don’t be surprised if you end up cracking a tooth while you’re enjoying your jawbreakers and lollipops.

Although these candies may be harmless when eaten the right way, they can also wreak havoc to your teeth when you bite into them. If you think that taffy or jellybeans won’t have the same disastrous effects, think again.


Popcorn may be soft most of the time, but one wrong crunch as you bite into an unexpected corn kernel can send you straight to your endodontist. Although popcorn is the best snack for movie night, you have to eat it carefully to avoid cracking a tooth.

Olive Pits

Olive pits can be a real dental destroyer. It doesn’t matter if they were processed incorrectly or hidden in your food. Before you enjoy this decadent snack, check if it’s been pitted.


You probably think that bread isn’t a threat to your teeth. However, hard breads that include sourdough, biscotti, and baguettes can cause considerable dental damage when you bite into them.

For this reason, it’s best to switch to a softer bread. If you’re indulging in sourdough, be sure to take smaller bites to avoid cracking a tooth.


One of the worst things you can do to your teeth is to hydrate by chewing on ice cubes. Instead of crunching, suck on it instead.

Do You Need a Root Canal in Midlothian?

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