Root Canal 23228
July 22, 2021

Visits to the dentist for semi-annual checkups and cleanings can show you how much smoking affects your oral health. Unless you decide to quit, you’ll run the risk of having major issues that may require a root canal in 23228. 


Facts About Smoking and Your Oral Health

Smoking Aggravates Dry Mouth

Your saliva prevents cavity formation and gum disease as it washes away food particles and prevents acid attacks on your tooth enamel. When you smoke, you minimize your body’s ability to produce saliva. When saliva flow is reduced, you may experience dryness of the mouth which can quickly snowball into unpleasant oral health issues that include cavities, gum disease, bad breath, and degeneration. 

When these problems are left untreated, they can allow the buildup of microorganisms that can cause considerable damage to your teeth and gums. When the decay reaches the center of your tooth that houses the nerves and blood vessels, you may experience severe toothaches or an infection.  

root canal procedure is specifically designed to get rid of damaged or infected tissue from inside the root canals of the affected tooth. In other words, it can help preserve your oral health and save teeth that may otherwise be at risk of extraction. 

Smoking Slows Down the Healing Process

Aside from increasing the risk of oral health problems, smoking also inhibits healing and increases complications after receiving dental treatment. The nicotine found in tobacco products narrows the blood vessels that bring nutrients, nutrients, and other healing factors to the treatment area.   

Moreover, nicotine causes important blood components called platelets to clump and form clots. When this happens, the duration of your pain is extended. If you’re scheduled for a root canal treatment, you’ll want to quit smoking before your appointment and while the treatment site heals. 


Do You Need a Root Canal Treatment in 23228?

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