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September 14, 2022

One minute you were chewing on something hard, the next, a chunk of your tooth went missing. You’re wondering if a chipped tooth constitutes a dental emergency. You’re not alone. An emergency dentist in Short Pump typically gets calls from people who’ve chipped a tooth.

The truth is that not all chipped teeth require immediate dental attention. Most dentists would ask patients to send them a photo of the chipped tooth to help them diagnose its severity and determine whether or not emergency treatment is necessary.

Should I Seek Immediate Dental Attention for a Chipped Tooth?

The Tooth Structure Is White

Try to look in the mirror to check if the exposed tooth structure is the same color as its exterior. If your chipped tooth’s remaining structure is white with no dark areas, it likely involves only the tooth’s enamel and won’t require a trip to the emergency dentist’s office. You may call your dental care provider to make an appointment during regular business hours.

The Tooth Structure Has Two Colors

Does your chipped tooth’s remaining structure have a white and yellow or brownish color? This discoloration indicates a crack or fracture in your enamel and dentin, the soft layer underneath the harder and more resilient tooth enamel.

While cracked or fractured dentin can trigger tooth sensitivity and difficulty chewing, it doesn’t constitute an emergency. For this reason, you may contact your dentist during regular business hours and visit them as soon as they’re available.

The Tooth is Broken in Half

A tooth broken in half from top to bottom has likely fractured through its enamel, dentin, pulp chamber, below the gum line, and down to the tooth’s root. You may hear a crack when this happens. The tooth will likely be loose, and you won’t be able to put pressure on it. Unlike the first two scenarios, this requires an emergency dental appointment.

Looking for an Emergency Dentist in Short Pump?

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