Emergency Dentist Midlothian VA Checks Dental Status of Patient
March 28, 2022

Getting injured is practically a rite of passage for athletes. For this reason, modern dentistry offers a wide variety of solutions for the most common sports-related dental injuries. Each year, millions of American athletes experience dental trauma that requires the immediate attention of an emergency dentist in Midlothian, VA.

What Are the Most Common Sports-Related Dental Injuries?

Cracked Tooth

A cracked tooth happens when a player sustains a heavy and abrupt blow to the face. Some of the symptoms of a cracked tooth include recurring tooth pain, sharp pain when biting down, tooth sensitivity when consuming hot or cold foods and beverages, and loss of a section of the tooth.

In most cases, the crack usually occurs near the tooth’s roots. Since they’re not always visible, they’re usually detected during a dental checkup. If you experience a cracked tooth, you should get immediate treatment to increase your chances of saving your tooth.

Fractured Roots

If you think that a dental injury in sports is only limited to the tooth’s crown, think again. A sudden impact on the face at the wrong angle can lead to a fractured root. In this situation, the crack starts at the root level and works its way to the tooth’s chewing surface.

Since the crown usually appears healthy, most patients wouldn’t notice the damage unless the fractured root eventually causes pain due to infection. Unless an emergency dentist performs root canal therapy or endodontic treatment to eliminate the infection, the patient will likely experience tissue necrosis and tooth loss.

Tooth Intrusion

When the blow to an athlete’s face is strong enough to push a tooth back into their jawbone, the result is a tooth intrusion. Without immediate treatment, this injury can shorten the tooth’s roots, destroy the tooth pulp, cause ankyloses, and lead to tooth loss.

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