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April 22, 2020

If your tooth is responding poorly to root canal therapy, then your endodontist may recommend endodontic surgery to save your tooth. Richmond endodontics surgery can be used to locate hidden canals or a small fracture that was undetected during the initial treatment. It can also be used to clear away any calcium deposit in the canals, treat damaged root surfaces, and treat the surrounding bone of the affected area. In this blog, we’ll go over the telltale signs that you need endodontic surgery.

What is richmond endodontics care?

What are Signs that I Need an Endodontic Surgery?

Persistent Pain Despite Undergoing a Professional Cleaning

Having food sticking between your teeth and in hard-to-reach areas of your mouth can be uncomfortable. But the moment you get rid of the debris causing the discomfort, the discomfort goes away. If the pain you feel persists despite undergoing professional cleaning, then it might mean you have tooth decay or an infection. If root canal therapy doesn’t fix it, then your dentist may suggest endodontic surgery.

Extreme Sensitivity to Hot and Cold Food or Drinks

It’s normal to have a slight sensitivity when you’re consuming a hot or cold drink or food. More persistent pain is an indication that something’s wrong with your tooth. Especially if you experience prolonged sensitivity even when you’re no longer eating or drinking. If this happens, then you may need a Richmond endodontics treatment or surgery.

Swelling and Discharge in Gums Near the Painful Tooth

Swollen gums, or gums with discharge near your painful tooth are also a sign of infection. You should then seek treatment as soon as possible. If left untreated, the infection can spread and compromise your overall health.

How to find Richmond Endodontics Treatment?

Interested in Richmond Endodontics Treatment?

If you’re experiencing any of these three signs, consult with an endodontist immediately to know if you need to undergo endodontics surgery for treatment. At Commonwealth Endodontics, we offer quality patient care with Richmond endodontics treatment. Consult with us today!