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June 12, 2020

Sometimes, despite an endodontist’s maximum efforts to clean and seal a tooth, new infections may develop after a root canal. Among the reasons for this incident are an unknown crack in the root of a tooth, an uncleaned root canal, and the breakdown of the sealing material, which allows bacterial invasion to happen and causes many problems. Although this rarely happens, it’s still important to discuss the common problems encountered after a root canal therapy, so you know what to do in case it happens to you.

What Are Some Complications to Watch for After Root Canal Therapy?


Although this rarely happens, there’s still a possibility that you might get an infection after a root canal. Infections can result from bacteria entering your tooth during the treatment or inadequate initial root canal therapy. Signs of infection are swelling, pain, fever, or pus. The only way to deal with this is to visit your endodontist, so he/she can prescribe you antibiotics to fight the infection. If medicines aren’t enough, then you may need to undergo tooth retreatment or apical surgery.

Root Fracture

A root fracture may occur after a root canal therapy as a result of decay or pre-existing cracks that are too small to see. If this happens, your endodontist might need to remove your tooth or discuss options for treating it.

Broken Tooth as a Result of Failure to Place a Crown on Time

It’s essential to place a crown over your treated tooth to protect it from damage. If a crown is not placed promptly, your tooth will likely crack, break, or become brittle, which may require complete removal of the tooth or additional dental treatments.


When the material used to fill your root canal drift outside the perimeter of its intended placement, it could cause inflammation in neighboring nerves and cause numbness. If you experience numbness a day or two after surgery, contact your endodontist right away.

Where to Undergo Root Canal in 23113?

Only trust an experienced endodontist to perform a root canal in 23113 on you to avoid any problems. At Commonwealth Endodontics, our team of experienced endodontists will guarantee that your root canal procedure is a success and a pleasant experience. Contact us for inquires!