where is the best root canal therapy richmond?
August 11, 2020

Many people cringe at the thought of heading down their dentist’s office for a root canal therapy in Richmond. If you think that you need one, try to learn as much as possible about the procedure or talk to your dental health provider about your concerns.

What are the Common Questions that Patients Ask About Root Canal Therapy?

When Is It Needed?

Dentists usually recommend this procedure to patients who are struggling with a severely infected tooth. Infection occurs when decay reaches the pulp at the center of the affected tooth due to a chip, a crack, or previous dental procedures on that tooth. Unless root canal therapy is performed, the infection can lead to the formation of a painful abscess.

Is It Painful?

When performed by a qualified and experienced dental professional, root canal therapy will provide pain relief rather than cause pain. The pain that patients experience comes from the nerve tissue that was damaged. The procedure involves removing the damaged tissue and the disinfection of the canal before sealing it. During the treatment, the local anesthesia will be applied to the area to have a pain-free experience throughout the procedure.

Does It Weaken the Tooth?

The overall structure of the tooth in question will be weakened after its inner section is removed. However, this can be reinforced with the use of dental crowns or an onlay. The result is a tooth that is as strong or stronger before treatment. The dentist decides which treatment will best suit your needs while it provides strength and enough support to your tooth after the procedure is done.

How Many Dental Visits Does It Take to Complete a Root Canal Therapy?

In most cases, a root canal takes only one visit to complete. 

Do You Need to Undergo a Root Canal Therapy in Richmond?

An endodontist is the best person to ask if you need root canal therapy. Contact Commonwealth Endodontics today to request an appointment.