where is the best place to get sedation dentistry richmond va?
July 14, 2020

Although more and more patients have already heard about sedation dentistry in Richmond VA, a lot of people are still clueless about it. If all you’ve ever known about this type of treatment is that it knocks you out, check out these facts about it.


Facts About Sedation Dentistry that Would Spark Your Interest

It Helps Anxious Patients Relax

If you’ve never heard about dentophobia, it refers to the intense fear of visiting their dentists to get any dental work done. When it comes to sedation dentistry, the dental practitioner administers a type of medication that will help minimize the patient’s fear and anxiety. Furthermore, the patient gets to choose which kinds of sedation he should be given – minimal, moderate, or deep sedation.

With minimal sedation, the patient is relaxed yet awake and responsive to the dentist’s questions and requests. The medication can be administered orally by allowing the patient to take a pill. It can also be administered via a mask that’s placed over the patient’s nose.

Moderate sedation is also conscious sedation in which the patient is less likely to remember the details of the procedure. This can be administered via a needle that’s inserted into the patient’s vein. Lastly, deep sedation involves the use of general anesthesia in which the patient becomes completely unconscious throughout the procedure.

It Has Been Around for a Long Time

Did you know that the use of nitrous oxide or laughing gas was first demonstrated in 1844? However, it was only until the 1960’s when sedation dentistry found its place in the profession.

It’s Safe and Effective

As long as an experienced and qualified dental practitioner administers it, sedation dentistry is safe. It’s used for kids who have special needs or those who couldn’t sit still through a dental procedure.


Curious to Know More About Sedation Dentistry in Richmond VA?

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