woman with a cracked tooth needing to see an expert in Endodontics in 23113
August 17, 2022

While most people know when they’ve cracked a tooth, others may not realize that their tooth is cracked until they get a diagnosis from an expert in endodontics in 23113. Although some cracks may be small and harmless, others can cause a tooth to break or even split.

Anybody can crack a tooth. However, cracked tooth syndrome (CTS) is most common in children and older adults. Perhaps you suspect you may be dealing with a cracked tooth. We’ve compiled the warning signs you should watch out for.

Warning Signs of a Cracked Tooth

Erratic Pain When Chewing

When a fracture occurs in your tooth’s outer hard tissues, you may experience pain or discomfort upon chewing. Since chewing involves mechanical movements for breaking down food, it moves the tooth’s broken pieces and irritates the underlying dental pulp.

If left untreated, eating certain foods or biting down in a certain way will eventually cause significant damage to the dental pulp to the point that it can no longer heal itself.

Sensitivity to Extreme Temperatures

A cracked tooth doesn’t always hurt. However, if the fracture exposes the inner layer of the tooth called the dentin or the nerves inside the pulp, you may experience tooth sensitivity whenever you eat or drink very hot or very cold foods and beverages.

Lack of Constant Pain

Other oral health issues such as severe tooth decay or a dental abscess can cause chronic pain that may interfere with your daily routine. Unless you rely on pain-killing medications, these conditions can even make it impossible for you to get through your day. Alternatively, the pain you experience due to a cracked tooth may only cause sporadic pain rather than constant discomfort.

Swollen Gums

The gum tissue near the site of a crack may become swollen. If the fracture is deep enough to reach the tooth’s innermost layer, a pus-filled bump or an abscess may develop in the gums surrounding the cracked tooth.

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