Endodontics in 23113 with patient
July 11, 2022

If you need a second chance to save a badly infected or damaged tooth, you should visit an expert in endodontics in 23113. A specialist can help determine your need for endodontic surgery. Besides addressing the infection and removing your discomfort, this surgical procedure repairs dental damage. Moreover, it’s often the last resort when root canal therapy isn’t enough to prevent tooth extraction. 

Warning Signs You Might Require Endodontic Surgery


Dentists perform dental cleanings to remove leftover food particles from tight spaces of the mouth. Although this debris can be uncomfortable, professional cleaning should eliminate the discomfort. Pain that persists after the procedure indicates a more significant oral health issue. For example, weak enamel or infection inside the tooth may cause pain after eating or drinking. These problems may require an endodontic surgical procedure to repair the damage. 

Excessive Oral Tenderness

While it’s normal to experience some tooth sensitivity when consuming hot or cold foods, excessive oral tenderness upon chewing or touching a tooth could be a symptom of a cracked or infected tooth. Unfortunately, the pain won’t disappear on its own. If you have a tooth that’s painful to a slight touch, your endodontist may suggest surgery to address the underlying problem. 

Visible Changes in the Appearance of the Gums

Signs of infection include swollen gums with drainage around a painful tooth and abnormal discoloration of a tooth root. You should seek treatment as quickly as possible if you experience noticeable changes in the appearance of your gums before the infection spreads and threatens your oral health. Besides extracting the infected tooth tissue, endodontic surgery can restore the remaining tooth structure’s health and appearance.

Dental Abscesses

A tooth abscess or a pus-filled pocket forming at the bottom of the tooth root results from bacteria and infection in the tooth pulp. While patients may experience less pain if the abscess ruptures, they may still require endodontic surgery if the infection is severe. 

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