December 30, 2023

Do you have persistent toothache that won’t go away? Do you wince at the mere thought of sipping on hot or cold beverages? These could be warning signs that your tooth is in distress, and a root canal from a skilled team that practices endodontics in 23111 might be in order.

Signs on When You Need a Root Canal


Severe Tooth Pain

One of the primary indicators that you might need a root canal is relentless tooth pain. This pain is often not easily alleviated by over-the-counter painkillers and tends to linger, throbbing in intensity. The pain may worsen when you bite down or apply pressure on the affected tooth.

Heightened Sensitivity

Sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures beyond the normal range can be a red flag. If you find yourself wincing in pain when enjoying your favorite ice cream or sipping on a cup of coffee, it could be a sign that the dental pulp, the deepest section of the tooth, which contains nerves and blood arteries, is damaged.

Swelling and Tenderness

Swelling around the affected tooth or in the adjacent gums is another common symptom. This swelling may be accompanied by tenderness or the formation of a pimple-like bump (dental abscess) on the gums. The presence of such signs indicates an infection that may require intervention through a root canal.

Discover the Benefits of Endodontics in 23111!

Ignoring these signs could lead to further complications, such as the spread of infection to surrounding tissues or even tooth loss. If you’re feeling any of these symptoms, it’s crucial to consult with your dentist promptly. Early detection and intervention through a root canal can alleviate your discomfort and save your tooth from more severe consequences. Don’t let persistent tooth pain be a constant companion – seek Commonwealth Endodontics to restore your oral health and preserve your smile. Call us for more info!