a patient needing a Root Canal in 23226 talking to a dentist
August 24, 2022

If a tooth with a deep cavity keeps you awake at night, your endodontist may suggest a root canal in 23226. Although you feel that you’re ready for the procedure, you may wonder how long it will take before you start feeling like yourself again. We’ve compiled these must-know tips to help you return to your usual self after a speedy root canal recovery.

How to Recover Faster from Root Canal Therapy

Apply a Cold Pack to Your Face

You can apply an ice pack or a cold compress to your face to help minimize the swelling. While you’re at it, avoid putting ice directly onto your skin to prevent bruising. It’s best to do this for 15 minutes at a time immediately after your appointment. Moreover, you can ease your discomfort by keeping your head elevated with pillows.

Avoid Eating Until the Numbness is Gone

You’ll want to manage how you treat your mouth immediately after your surgical procedure. Since you may experience some degree of pain and swelling around your mouth, you shouldn’t attempt to eat anything until you’re no longer numb. Otherwise, you’ll run the risk of biting your tongue or hurting yourself.

Plan Your Meals

For the first few days following your root canal procedure, you’ll want to get proper nutrition without doing a lot of chewing. However, it’s best to stay away from sticky foods such as gum or jelly beans that can loosen or remove the treated tooth’s temporary filling.

Considering a Root Canal in 23226?

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