A man who needs a Root Canal in 23228 looks at his painful tooth in the mirror
November 15, 2021

Do you have a cracked tooth? Depending on the severity of the injury, cracking teeth can range from a cosmetic issue to a major emergency. If the crack doesn’t extend below your gum line, your endodontist can still save your tooth by performing a root canal procedure in 23228.

Top Causes of Cracked Teeth

Vehicular Accidents

In most cases, car accidents can cause damage to teeth when people don’t use modern restraint systems that can protect the face and mouth from injuries. However, defective or poorly designed secondary restraint systems such as airbags can also cause tooth damage.

Playing Sports Without Using a Mouthguard

There’s always a risk of tripping and collisions whenever people run around together. Any zestful activity, whether a pickup game of basketball or professional football, increases the risk of falls that chip or crack the teeth. For this reason, anyone who plays sports should protect their teeth with a mouthguard.

Oral Jewelry

A foreign metal material that moves around in the mouth is likely to chip or crack a tooth. Unfortunately, most people who get their tongues or cheeks pierced play with the piercing. While the chances of causing damage to teeth are slimmer with smaller jewelry pieces, removing piercings is still the best solution.

Using Teeth as Tools

Teeth aren’t designed to open bottles, envelopes, or plastic packages. Using them as tools can cause significant damage to the teeth, gums, and even the jaw.

Chewing on Objects That Aren’t Food

Using teeth to chew on hard, non-food objects is dangerous. Besides being a choking hazard, chewing on foreign objects can also chip, crack, or weaken teeth. Some of those who do this without thinking end up causing injury to the jaw.

Do You Need a Root Canal in 23228?

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