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November 7, 2022

Dental health experts recommend regular dental visits to ensure good oral health. However, people struggling with dental anxiety avoid going to the dentist. If your fear prevents you from receiving the care you need, a sedation dentist in Mechanicsville can help. Besides giving you a pleasant and relaxing dental experience, these professionals can help you address your fears so you can look and feel your best. 

What Are the Common Causes of Dental Anxiety?

Past Traumatic Event

Research suggests that unpleasant dental experiences from the past may contribute to dental anxiety in adults. In most cases, those who’ve had teeth extractions or baby root canals as a child don’t forget about the pain and discomfort they felt during these invasive dental treatments. These traumatic experiences can have a lasting effect on a patient’s relationship with dental visits.  

Although we can’t go back and change your past experiences, a trusted sedation dentist will do everything possible to make your visit welcoming, minimally invasive, and comfortable.  

Learned Behavior

Did you know you can learn and develop dental anxiety through indirect sources? These sources include your observations of someone else’s behavior. For instance, a loved one’s adverse reaction to a dental visit that didn’t go as planned can significantly impact your decision to go to the dentist. In other words, hearing your family or friends talk about how awful and unpleasant it is to get some dental work done can cause you to adopt their views and make them your reality. 

Since sedation dentistry uses medications and methods that alleviate stress and pain during a dental procedure, it allows you to receive the high-quality care you need. 

Fear of Dental Costs

While some people fear the dentist because of past traumatic experiences or horror stories they’ve heard about it, others worry about spending a fortune on dental care. However, constantly skipping appointments with the dentist can lead to more costly procedures over time. 

If your fear of dental costs stops you from receiving much-needed dental care,  be glad to know that most dentists offer financing options to make dentistry more accessible.   

Looking for a Sedation Dentist in Mechanicsville?

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