May 12, 2020

If you need to undergo an endodontic treatment but are anxious about the procedure, then let your West End sedation endodontist know! They can educate you about sedation as it’s used in dentistry.

Sedation helps patients with dental anxiety feel at ease in a dentist’s chair. It also makes sure that they’re comfortable throughout the procedure. There are two main types of sedation: mild to moderate, and deep sedation. Here’s we’ll give you an overview of both types.


What are the Two Main Types of Sedation?

Mild to Moderate Sedation

Mild to moderate sedation allows you to maintain a certain level of consciousness throughout the procedure, so you can respond to physical stimulation or verbal commands when necessary. There are three levels of this sedation:

Oral Sedation: You can take oral sedation in pill form. Typically you take it about an hour before your procedure, but some pills are taken the night before.

Inhaled Sedation: Inhaled sedation is nitrous oxide, also known as “laughing gas.” It’s administered through a nasal mask. The effect is almost immediate, so you will feel relaxed and at ease in a dentist’s chair. This is the most common type of conscious sedation since a sedation endodontist can control the level of it throughout the procedure.

IV Sedation: This is considered to be the most powerful of these three levels, since it can effectively relax patients with severe levels of anxiety that need to undergo extensive treatments. The sedative and analgesics will be administered directly into your bloodstream.

Deep Sedation

General anesthesia is a type of deep sedation that lets you sleep entirely through the procedure. It’s mostly used for extensive dental procedures and oral surgery.


Do You Need a Sedation Endodontist?

A West End sedation endodontist can help you overcome your dental anxiety, so you can receive the endodontic treatment you need. At Commonwealth Endodontics, we offer sedation dentistry for patients with anxiety, so they too can achieve a healthy, strong smile! Contact us for inquires!