a woman with tooth pain needing to see an Endodontist in Richmond VA
September 7, 2022

Did you know that around 55.1% of adults have experienced tooth pain within the last six months? A toothache is never a good sign because it usually indicates an oral health issue. If a problem brewing in your mouth is causing discomfort, be glad to know that an endodontist in Richmond, VA, can help you solve it.

Common Types of Tooth Pain


Tooth sensitivity refers to an exaggerated response to stimuli, including hot, cold, sweet, or acidic foods and drinks. It’s best to pay attention to what triggers your tooth pain and how long your discomfort lasts.

You may have worn down enamel if your pain is minor and fleeting. Your dentist might recommend using toothpaste for sensitive teeth and avoiding certain foods for a week to see if the problem subsides.

However, if you’re dealing with severe pain lasting for more than 30 seconds, you’ll want to seek immediate dental attention. The painful sensitivity may indicate severe tooth decay, worn fillings, fractures, exposed tooth roots, or gum disease.

Sharp Pain

Jabbing or sharp pain that catches you off guard requires a visit to the dentist. While a cavity or a cracked enamel often triggers this type of toothache, a loose filling and a crown that has fallen off are other possible causes. Whatever is causing your tooth pain, your dental care provider can identify and treat the issue.

Dull and Persistent Ache

Dull and persistent tooth pain can result from something stuck in the gums or between teeth. If food debris has lodged in your teeth or gums, you’ll want to floss and rinse your mouth to remove it and relieve discomfort.

Moreover, bruxism can also cause this type of tooth pain. If you involuntarily clench or grind your teeth during sleep due to this condition, it’s best to ask a dental professional about treatment options.

Throbbing Pain

An infection occurring deep within a tooth triggers severe, throbbing pain. You should contact an emergency dentist if the pain is distracting or unbearable. They may recommend a root canal procedure to eliminate the infection, prevent it from spreading into surrounding tissues, and save your tooth.

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