endodontist in Midlothian, VA, performing a dental test to a patient
December 20, 2021

Did you know that over 13 billion diagnostic tests are performed each year in the United States? Since clinical exams provide critical information for correct diagnosis, an endodontist in Midlothian, VA, needs to run a few tests before performing a root canal procedure.  

Common Endodontic Diagnostic Tests

Visual Examination

During the exam, your endodontist will take a look at your mouth to check for signs of a bad bite, infection, or facial asymmetry. Although this type of diagnostic test is generally based on the ocular observation method, the endodontist will also talk with you about your symptoms, medical history, and overall health. 


While imaging is vital to any dental practice, it’s even more crucial in endodontics because the root canal system is exceptionally tiny. Your endodontist needs powerful imaging tools to help them get a clear picture of your teeth. These tools allow them to enlarge the images to view those little details better. 

Two of the most sophisticated imaging systems useful for endodontic diagnostic testing include digital radiography, and dental cone beam computed tomography (CBCT). Besides producing 90% less radiation than low-dose dental x-rays, digital radiography helps endodontists gain a deeper understanding of your dental issue. 

Likewise, CBCT provides them with three-dimensional images of your teeth, nerve pathways, soft tissues, and bone within a single scan.  

Vital Pulp Testing

Your tooth’s dental pulp is responsible for nourishing your tooth and creating dentin. During vital pulp testing, your endodontist assesses the reaction of your pulp to hot or cold temperatures and how it responds to cavity tests and an electric test.   

Periapical Testing

Periapical tests are performed to assess your bite. Your endodontist conducts these tests by using palpation or percussion techniques to determine the exact location of your problematic tooth and how far the infection has progressed.  

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