Tooth that needs Root Canal in 23228
March 10, 2023

Did you know that tooth decay is the primary cause of a root canal in 23228? When the tooth’s decayed area reaches the pulp, it infects the soft tissue inside the tooth that houses the nerves and blood vessels, causing severe pain and discomfort. A root canal saves the tooth by removing the damaged or infected tissue. Since tooth decay is preventable, it’s best to address it early to avoid it. 

A Closer Look at the Different Stages of Tooth Decay

  • STAGE 1: White Spots

Tooth decay starts when constant exposure to acid-forming bacteria eats away at the enamel. This demineralization process causes small white spots to appear on the surface of your teeth. Luckily, good oral hygiene can reverse this problem. 

  • STAGE 2: Decaying Enamel

Without regular brushing, flossing, and dental visits, the demineralization process breaks down the enamel until cavities form. The white spots darken to a brownish color, and holes in the teeth begin to develop. Since the cavity is still confined to the enamel, your dentist can treat it with dental fillings. 

  • STAGE 3: Decaying Dentin

If left untreated, the cavity can progress to the softer layer beneath the enamel called the dentin. As the decay spreads, the affected tooth may become more sensitive to hot or cold temperatures. 

  • STAGE 4: Pulp Damage

The tooth can become extremely painful as the decay reaches the pulp, the soft tissue that houses the nerves and blood vessels inside the tooth. In such cases, the dentist may recommend a root canal procedure. 

  • Abscess Formation

Leaving tooth decay untreated will cause a bacterial infection to develop until a pus-filled pocket, or an abscess starts to form in the gum tissue. It’s important to note that a tooth abscess requires immediate treatment because it’s a life-threatening condition that may cause severe pain.  

Do You Need a Root Canal in 23228?

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