Endodontic Microsurgery Richmond
July 15, 2021

If you think that a cracked tooth isn’t something that you should worry about, think again. Bacteria may enter through fracture and cause an infection to the tooth, its surrounding tissue. Before you know it, your endodontist will recommend endodontic microsurgery in Richmond. 

While a conventional root canal treatment can save a tooth, some cases may require an apicoectomy. This procedure is typically performed to get rid of a persistent infection that has developed in a tooth that has already undergone a root canal.  


Root Canal vs Apicoectomy

A root canal procedure involves the removal of the tooth’s nerve, the sterilization of the canal, and the use of permanent filling material to seal it. Alternatively, an apicoectomy refers to the removal of the area where the tooth’s canal ends and any seriously damaged or infected surrounding tissue. 


What Happens During an Apicoectomy Procedure?

Step 1: Application of Local Anesthetics

The endodontist numbs the area by applying local anesthetics to ensure a pain-free and comfortable dental experience. 

Step 2: Opening of the Gum Tissue

To access the underlying bone and get rid of the infected tissue, the endodontist opens the gum tissue that surrounds the tooth.  

Step 3: A Small Filling Is Placed

Once the underlying bone is accessed and the infected tissue is removed, a small filling is placed in the root. The filling works to seal the end of the root canal. Additionally, a bone graft or membrane may be used to conceal the window that was made to access the root of the tooth in question. 

Step 4: The Area Is Cleaned

The endodontist uses a special microscope to clearly see the area and a few ultrasonic instruments to clean it.  

Step 5: Stitches Are Placed 

To ensure proper healing of the tissue and surrounding bone, the endodontist places a few stitches in the surgical site. 


Do You Need Endodontic Microsurgery in Richmond?

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