Where can I find an Emergency Dentist Short Pump?
October 21, 2020

We wear our seatbelts, helmets, and more to stay safe. Unfortunately, life happens and you may find yourself in the midst of a traumatic dental injury. While most traumatic dental injuries are a result of a sports injury or a vehicular accident requiring only minor dental work, others may experience a tooth dislodged or completely knocked out! These serious injuries need the prompt attention of an emergency dentist in Short Pump.

Common Traumatic Dental Injuries

Dislodged or Luxated Teeth

Dislodged teeth can sometimes do as much damage in the mouth as if they were knocked out. They may be pushed sideways to the point where they are out of the socket.  To fix this, your doctor will most likely need to reposition the tooth in order to stabilize it. In most cases, the emergency dentist would recommend a root canal treatment that needs to be started shortly after the injury to save the vulnerable nerve and root. During the root canal treatment, medication is typically placed inside the tooth. At a later date, your dentist may choose to place a permanent root canal filling or a dental crown.

Knocked-Out or Avulsed Teeth

Getting a tooth knocked out is considered a dental emergency. Therefore, it is extremely important to visit your emergency dentist quickly following the injury. For such cases, you need to receive treatment extremely quickly following the injury to save your tooth. While waiting to see your dentist, you should place your tooth back into its socket as gently as possible without touching the tooth’s root surface.

If the knocked-out tooth happens to be dirty, you should gently rinse the tooth with water. Don’t put bacteria back in your mouth. If you can’t place the tooth back in the socket, you can put it in a glass of milk or in between your cheek and gums to keep it moist.

Looking for an Emergency Dentist in Short Pump?

If you have a dislodged or knocked-out tooth, you need to see an emergency dentist right away. Contact Commonwealth Endodontics now!