patient about to get Endodontic Microsurgery Richmond
March 7, 2022

Thanks to the advancements in modern dentistry, patients now have a wide range of options for artificial tooth restoration. However, none of them are as good as a functional natural tooth. Apicoectomy or endodontic microsurgery in Richmond gives patients who struggle with tooth root infections another chance to save their natural teeth.

Answers to the Common Questions Asked About Apicoectomy

What Is It?

If a previous root canal procedure hasn’t been entirely successful, infections may persist in the bone area around the end of the tooth. In this situation, endodontists recommend apicoectomy or root-end resection as the best treatment option.

The endodontist makes a small incision on the gum tissue during the procedure to move it out of the way. Next, they remove the infected tooth root before placing a filling to prevent further issues. After sealing the end of the root canal, the endodontist puts the gum tissue back into place with a few stitches.

When Is It Needed?

If a standard root canal fails to eliminate the infection, you may still experience pain and swelling around the area. A tooth can become painful or infected months and years after receiving standard root canal therapy.

Since the tooth that received the root canal treatment has complex roots and a crown or a bridge that must be kept intact, you’ll have to undergo apicoectomy, or a surgical root canal, to get rid of the infection. Besides getting to the very root of the problem (no pun intended), apicoectomy doesn’t require the endodontist to cut through your dental restoration.

How Do I Prepare for the Procedure?

Your endodontist will take X-rays of the tooth in question and its surrounding bone. They may give you an antimicrobial mouth rinse and prescribe meds to reduce inflammation and ensure your mouth is in its best possible condition before your apicoectomy.

Wondering If You Need Endodontic Microsurgery in Richmond?

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