root therapy and endodontic microsurgery in Richmond
February 6, 2023

Although root canal therapy has a high success rate, infection or inflammation may persist despite your dentist’s best efforts. In such cases, the dentist may provide insight into its possible causes and refer you to an endodontist. If you’ve previously had a root canal and the treated tooth shows symptoms of recurrent infection, your endodontist will likely recommend endodontic microsurgery in Richmond.

What Is Endodontic Microsurgery and When Is It Necessary?

Most people know that a root canal treatment is a nonsurgical endodontic procedure that dentists use to treat the tooth’s inflamed soft inner tissue or pulp. This infection could result from repeated dental procedures on the tooth, deep decay, or an injury to the tooth. Root canal therapy removes the damaged pulp, cleans the tooth’s canals, and preserves the tooth by filling it with gutta-percha.

However, when root canal therapy isn’t enough to save a tooth, endodontic specialists perform endodontic microsurgery. This surgical procedure can fix any issues associated with root canal treatment. Moreover, endodontic microsurgery is used for the following purposes.


Also known as a root-end resection, an apicoectomy is the most common type of endodontic microsurgical procedure today. After a root canal treatment, endodontists often perform an apicoectomy when a patient experiences an infection or inflammation near or in the bony area near the tooth’s roots. They’ll remove the infection or inflammation by making a small incision in the gum tissue.

Removing Calcium Deposits

Calcium deposits build up within a tooth’s root channels, impacting its pulp, blood vessels, and nerves. Unless the endodontist performs an endodontic surgery to eliminate these deposits, they’ll ultimately lead to tooth pain, infection, and decay.

Examining a Tooth’s Roots

Endodontic microsurgery is usually the next step when a patient continually experiences oral pain, but nothing in their x-rays reveals the cause of their discomfort. The endodontist performs this procedure to find a tiny fracture in the tooth or canal that isn’t visible in the radiographic images.

Do You Need Endodontic Microsurgery in Richmond?

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