cracked tooth in need of endodontics in 23111
January 23, 2023

If eating is your lifelong passion, you probably get devastated when you find yourself in situations where you can’t eat freely. However, a crack in the back of your mouth compels you to watch your eating habits for a while and visit an expert in endodontics in 23111 to address this oral health problem. While waiting for your appointment, you’ll want to avoid doing further damage to your cracked tooth.

Foods to Avoid If You’re Dealing With a Cracked Tooth

Hot and Cold Foods and Beverages

The pulp is the soft tissue inside the center of each tooth, and it houses nerves and blood vessels. If the crack reaches the pulp and goes all the way down to the nerve, the tooth becomes sensitive to heat and cold. Unless you want to worsen your toothache, it’s best to steer clear of hot and cold foods and drinks.

Hard Foods

You put extra pressure on a cracked tooth when you bite into hard candy, almonds, or a baguette. Biting into these hard foods causes more stress on the affected tooth, triggering more problems.


Are you a big fan of hard-shelled nuts, such as pecans, walnuts, hazelnuts, or macadamia nuts? Although nuts are good for your body, they’re bad for a cracked tooth. Unless you consume them carefully by putting them in water to soften them, these can cause more damage to your already-cracked tooth.

Crunchy Produce

Carrots and apples are packed with nutrients your body needs. However, you’ll want to avoid them if your cracked tooth is still healing. Since these foods can be quite hard, they require you to bite them from certain angles that take more effort from your teeth. Unless you’re willing to run the risk of causing more damage to your cracked tooth, it’s best to cut these foods into smaller pieces or avoid them completely.

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