do i need endodontic microsurgery in short pump?
March 1, 2021

Did you know your endodontist may recommend alternative strategies if a routine root canal therapy isn’t enough to save your tooth? If a tooth doesn’t heal as it should after your initial treatment, it could require endodontic microsurgery in Short Pump.

You may have heard about the most common type of endodontic treatment called root-end resection or apicectomy. This involves removing the apex or the tip of a tooth’s root when the inflammation has already reached the bone area after a root canal treatment or retreatment is done. Let’s talk about the possible situations that require this type of surgical procedure.

Possible Situations Leading to Endodontic Microsurgery

Non-Surgical Diagnostic Methods Don’t Reveal Visible Issues

Tiny fractures in the tooth’s structure or root aren’t usually detected even after receiving non-surgical diagnostic treatments. As a result, you may still experience recurring symptoms because no visible issues appeared on your X-rays.

Your endodontist has to perform a surgical procedure under a microscope to thoroughly examine the structure of your affected tooth. Otherwise, it will be impossible for them to identify the problem and provide much-needed treatment.

A Root Canal is Too Narrow

In some cases, canals can sometimes become too narrow due to calcium deposits. As a result, the cleaning and shaping tools used in non-surgical root canal treatments won’t be enough to access the end of the affected tooth’s root. Endodontic microsurgery can get your tooth cleaned and sealed when there’s a calcification.

A Tooth Doesn’t Heal Even After a Successful Root Canal Therapy or Retreatment

When symptoms reoccur and persist months – or even years – after your initial root canal treatment, your only hope of saving your tooth is to undergo endodontic microsurgery.

The Infection has Spread into the Surrounding Area

A tooth infection or disease can manage to spread to your tooth’s root surface and even to the bone that surrounds it. Thankfully, your endodontist can still manage to treat these areas by performing endodontic microsurgery.

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