gloved hand selecting dental tools for root canal therapy in 23111
February 18, 2022

Although root canal therapy in 23111 can save an infected tooth, it doesn’t keep it from weakening. Since this procedure reduces the amount of tissue within it, it weakens the tooth. For this reason, endodontists place a dental crown over a tooth after completing a root canal procedure.   

A dental crown, also known as a dental cap, is a dental restoration that completely covers the visible part of a tooth. These caps can be made from metals, resin, porcelain, or ceramics. Moreover, the endodontist uses a special cement to bond the crown to the tooth.  

Top Reasons Why a Crown Is Needed After a Root Canal 

It Strengthens the Weakened Tooth 

Besides eliminating the signs of decay in the treated tooth, a root canal treatment removes a large amount of infected dental tissue. Without a dental crown to preserve the tooth’s structural integrity, the remaining tooth structure will crumble when subjected to the stresses of chewing and grinding. 

It Prevents Tooth Sensitivity 

In some cases, only a portion of the pulp has to be removed during a root canal treatment. Whatever is left is likely to become extremely sensitive to pressure, heat, cold, sugar, and acid. Since a dental crown covers the tooth and protects it from the elements, it reduces the risk of experiencing tooth sensitivity. 

It Restores the Appearance of the Tooth 

Although not all root canal procedures result in discoloration, the treated tooth may become darker after the treatment. Discoloration may develop when the blood vessels inside the tooth rupture and bloodstains get into the dentinal tubules. Fitting a dental crown over the tooth restores its appearance.  

It Prevents Future Infections  

If a root canal treatment is performed on a tooth that had been previously treated for tooth decay, the tooth becomes vulnerable to future infections. The best way to protect the tooth is to cover it with a dental crown. 

Do You Need Root Canal Therapy in 23111? 

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