an Endodontist in 23228 examines a woman's infected molar
January 12, 2022

We live in a world where flawless tooth restorations are within reach. For this reason, some people would replace an infected tooth with a stronger and tougher restorative option instead of undergoing a root canal procedure to save it. If you’re one of the countless others who aren’t convinced that your natural teeth are worth saving, a visit to the endodontist in 23228 might change your mind.

When an infection compromises the health of a tooth, it’s best to seek the immediate attention of a dental care provider. Otherwise, the infection can spread on the tooth until the next best course of action is to have it pulled. Although various kinds of dental restorations are available today, nothing beats the look, feel, and function of your natural teeth.

Why Are Your Natural Teeth Worth Saving?

Loss of Coordination When Chewing

Your natural teeth have nerves that alert your brain if you’re eating foods that are hard to chew. As your brain receives these signals, it protects your teeth by stopping you from biting too hard. Since dental restorations don’t have nerves, their inability to connect to your brain will cause you to lose coordination when you’re chewing your food.

Missing Teeth Will Lead to Poor Nutrition

Tooth loss can significantly impact your overall health because it makes chewing food more challenging or even painful. Since most nutritious fruits and vegetables are tough to masticate because of their texture, people with missing teeth avoid them. Unfortunately, steering clear of these nutrient-dense foods will eventually lead to nutritional deficiencies.

Natural Teeth Offer Better Shock Absorption

Unlike dental restorations, your natural teeth have periodontal ligaments that come with a suspension system. This built-in system has the distinctive capacity to absorb and distribute the impact each time you bite or chew food.

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