Endodontist 23228
July 5, 2021

Tooth pain won’t fail to make any person feel miserable. If you’re experiencing a terrible toothache, you’ll want to figure out what’s causing it. Since an endodontist in 23228 specializes in treating this problem, your best bet is to see one right away. 


Top Causes of Tooth Pain

Tooth Decay

The decay in a tooth that’s significant enough to cause damage to the tooth’s inner layer called the dentin is often the main reason why a tooth and its surrounding area hurt. If you experience a sharp pain that makes it almost impossible for you to carry on with your daily life, the decay may have already extended down to the center of the tooth. If left untreated, simple tooth decay can quickly lead to serious oral health issues. 

Tooth Abscess

The development of a tooth abscess usually indicates that the decay has reached the root beneath the visible part of the tooth. When the root and its surrounding tissue are infected, you may experience a widespread pulsating pain that makes it difficult for you to determine the exact tooth that’s causing the pain. Unless this is promptly dealt with, a tooth abscess can result in the loss of bone and tissue.  

Gum Disease

Often caused by poor dental hygiene, gum disease is an infection that develops in the tissues that hold all of your teeth in place. When this disease advances to its later stages, you’ll experience a dull ache in the mouth, tooth pain, and swollen red gums that bleed. 

Tooth Fracture

You can crack a tooth when you bite down on something hard or when you suffer an injury to the mouth. A fractured tooth can cause excruciating pain when the crack has made its way to the nerve endings located in the middle of your tooth.  Before it has a chance to worsen, be sure to visit an endodontist. 


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