Do you have a Cracked Tooth Richmond?
October 6, 2020

Did you know your teeth are covered with a protective layer called enamel? Fun fact: Enamel is the strongest substance on your entire body. It’s even stronger than your bones! However, this doesn’t mean you won’t crack your tooth if you grind or clench them. If you suffer a hard blow to the mouth, chew hard on foods, have an uneven bite, or even a rapid temperature change, you can still crack a tooth. If you get hit in the mouth or have a cracked tooth in Richmond, visit our dental staff sooner rather than later!

Why Should Your Cracked Tooth Never be Ignored?

Possible Infections

First, a cracked tooth can have sharp edges that have the potential of cutting your tongue or other parts of your mouth. More importantly, the crack could be deep enough to expose layers below your tooth’s enamel, such as the dentin and the pulp that covers the tooth’s nerve. Exposing these layers will open them up to infection-causing bacteria that will be incredibly uncomfortable. To steer clear of pain and possible infection, you should have your chipped tooth examined by a dental professional.

It Could Get Worse

Just like a crack on your windshield, it’s only a matter of time before a small break becomes larger, and the problem goes from bad to worse. The more you chew with your damaged tooth, the more it may weaken. If your tooth becomes too weak, it could easily split in half. To save your tooth, see your dentist right away!

Tooth Sensitivity

Do you enjoy an ice cream cone on a hot day or a bowl of soup on a cold day? Not anymore. A cracked tooth can make it extremely difficult to enjoy food and drinks that are hot or cold. If the break on your tooth is big enough to get food stuck in it, you could also find yourself carrying around breath mints more often.

Do You Have a Cracked Tooth in Richmond?

If you find yourself with a cracked tooth, call our dental experts at Commonwealth Endodontics to schedule your consultation. Take care of the small crack now before it gets worse! We strive to give all our patients the quality attention they deserve.